Community Support for Chestnut Hill's Public School
Astronomy Night! Friday, April 24 at 7:30 pm

Astronomy Night! Friday, April 24 at 7:30 pm

From the Franklin Institute: What’s something universities, community centers, cemeteries, and wildlife refuges all have in common? A beautiful view of the starry night sky! Join the biggest stargazing party in the region as local astronomers at 25+ sites provide a tour of the cosmos. No gear? No problem! We’ll...
Funfest and Science Discovery Day April 25, 10am-3pm

Funfest and Science Discovery Day April 25, 10am-3pm

Join us for games, bouncy castles, raffles, food, and more on the J.S. Jenks playground with all the Franklin Institute Discovery Day activities as part of the Philadelphia Science Festival!  
The Crossing @ Jenks - Saturday, April 18, 2pm

The Crossing @ Jenks – Saturday, April 18, 2pm

Saturday April 18th, 2015 at 2PM Kile Smith/Ryan Eckes: May Day The culmination of our year long collaboration. The Crossing Choir and Jenks students together in a new work composed for the occasion by Kile Smith on a poem by Ryan Eckes; both artists have worked extensively with the students,...
Our students dream of....

Our students dream of….

We asked the students from Jenks this simple question: What do you want from your school? See below for all of their wonderful ideas and make sure to check out the fundraising boxes up and down the Hill at supporting businesses. To donate to the J.S. Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences...
Donate to the Community Fundraising Campaign!

Donate to the Community Fundraising Campaign!

Donate much needed funds below and support the J.S. Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences’ Community Fundraising Campaign!  The Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District’s generous donation of $17,000 will support programmatic and infrastructure improvements at the school. We are now kicking off a Community fundraising campaign to match those funds. Donate now!...

Executive Board:
Haviva Goldman, President
Renee Warnick, Vice President
Lauren Wiley, Treasurer
Josh Byrne, Secretary
Gerald Tracy, Fundraising Chair

Board Members:
Lurline Jones
Eden Kainer
Tanya Lopez
Katey McGrath
Tony Sorrentino

HSA Representative: Willie Williams
J.S. Jenks Staff: Mary Lynskey, Christina Moore, Fran Hoffman, Jessica Sacavage

Standing Committees
PR/Communications (writing/ editing promotions and graphic design/web design and management). Katey McGrath, Chair

Governance (oversight over the by laws and administration over the legal aspects of the organization) Josh Byrne and Tiffany Palmer Co-chairs.

Fundraising and Event Planning (creating and staging of events that raise funds and awareness for the organization; fundraising; grant writing): Gerald Tracy, Chair.

Programming (creating/coordinating/facilitating programs to support and supplement students through the school year).

Visual Arts Chair: Laura Eyring
Music Chair: Renee Warnick

Greening initiatives Chair: Adam Eyring and Angela Stewart (co-chairs)

Membership (Outreach to Jenks Families and Community Members, organize elections) Chair: Lurline Jones

Advocacy (Coordinate FOJSJ activities related to public school advocacy at the District, City and State Level) Chair: Markita Morris-Louis